Splash Guard : Instructions : Other: Behind Bond Rail

Tools needed: Power Drill, 3/16″ Drill Bit, Tin Ships, 3/16″ X 3/4″ Pop Rivets, Rivet Gun, 3/16″ Fender washers, Screwdriver, Awl, Contact Cement, And Hot Glue.
The front bumper must be removed before the splash guard can be installed. In order to do this, first remove the four nuts behind the bumper. Then pry the bumper off with a small screwdriver.
Remove insert from rub rail about half way up each side.
Remove enough screws to detach bumper about half way up each side. Use a small screwdriver or gasket scraper to detach bumper.
Run the 3/16″ drill bit through each of the holes. Be careful not to drill to far. You could drill through the hull of your craft.
Find and mark the exact center of the bow.
Mark the center of the top edge of the splash guard.
Align the two marks and drill 3/16″ hole and install one pop rivet. Drill 1/4″ from edge of splash guard and 1/4″ from edge of bumper.
Hold splash guard into place one side at a time and punch holes where the stock rivets went. Be sure that the holes are not to close to the edge of the splash guard, allow at least 1/4″.
Apply glue between splash guard and bumper.
Lay bumper down into place and install pop rivets in each of the original holes with the fender washers on the back side of the splash guard to securely hold in place.
Add at least one extra pop rivet on each end of splash guard. Two is better. Now the splash guard is glued securley to the back side of the bond rail. The side bumpers are back in place with pop rivet in all the original screw holes and at least one extra pop rivet on each end.
Reinstall side bumper insert. A rubber mallet works good.
Reinstall front bumper.