Tools and supplies needed – paint brush, contact cement, and super glue.
# 1. Remove stock side mats.
# 2. Leave bottom mat for extra padding and comfort. Be sure it is securely glued. Trim old mat away from pump area or from where bumper was removed so new mat will adhease properly to hull.
# 3. Starting with sides first, apply glue to the sides of the hull and to the back side of mat. Set top rear corners first. Lay mat along top working towards front of ski. After setting top, stretch sides of mat into tray area. Starting with rear corner first. Then work your way to front stretching mat into place.
# 4. Apply glue to bottom mat and tray area. Set front corners first then stretch to rear of tray. Stretch side to side if needed for proper fit.
# 5. Apply super glue by lifting edge of mat and running a small bead down edge of hull, then press for a few seconds.