1. Basically you will be applying side mats first starting with the top outside edge first, then the bottom mat. First hold the side mats into place and make some guide marks on the top corners and center, then align those marks when installing.
2. Apply contact cement to bottom side of JETTRIM side mats and to hull. Clean around edges.
3. Carefully apply a small bead of super glue along top edge of rail where edge of mat will lay. Install only top outside edge first, corner to corner, aligning your marks. Apply even pressure along top edge. Allow glue to dry 2-3 minutes before continuing. Put as much super glue as possible an edge, just be careful it can ruin your new paint job if it runs down the side.
4. Now apply super glue down rear outside edge of gunnel and stretch JETTRIM side mat into place. All that’s left is to stretch side mat down towards front. ALIGN ALL YOUR MARKS. Don’t be afraid to stretch JETTRIM mats, they are designed to stretch tight into place. It will not tear. It will last and wear better if stretched tight into place. Use heat if needed.
5. Install rear kicker if desired. We cut a V shape in the middle to allow stock bow eye to be re-installed. You will need an extra long bow eye otherwise.
6. Apply contact cement to JETTRIM slotted bottom mat and to hull. Extra glue on bottom mat is recommended. First align front corners and along bottom of dash perfectly and stick down. Stand in the back and stretch towards the rear corners. Stretch side to side as well for exact fit. Trim any excess off rear and re-install rear bumper. Be very careful cutting hole for bow eye. Cut hole very accurately. Smaller than needed then force bow eye in it. For best results strike bottom mat with a rubber mallet in the slots, (the low area), it helps with contour and adhesion. You can see the grooves from the OEM mat in bottom slots of the JETTRIM mat when done correctly.
7. Install custom JETTRIM dash (optional).
8. No waiting necessary, go ride!