1. Leave stock cover to insure dryness.
  2. Lay your Jettrim cover over the seat.
  3. Find the center point in front of your seat. Match it to the center of your seat cover. Using your staple gun, apply 4 to 5 staples into what is called the “listing”. The listing is the material that runs around the perimeter of your seat cover and where your staples are applied.
  4. Move to the front corners of your seat and staple to secure each corner while keeping in mind the stretch factor.
  5. Move to the rear of your seat and stretch your seat cover over the back. Stretching is very important, so take your time to insure proper installation.
  6. After you have properly stretched your seat cover, secure it by stapling the center then the rear corners of your seat cover.
  7. Move back to the front of your seat again, focusing on the wings (bottom front part of your seat).
  8. Stretch evenly from side to side and secure with staples.
  9. Secure all of your excess material found in all corners. Just like wrapping a present.
  10. Once all corners are secure, the rest of the cover with minimal stretching will fall into place.
  11. Don’t be afraid to use extra staples to secure your seat cover.
    Enjoy your new Jettrim seat cover!