1. It’s simple, you will start by carefully removing OEM side gunnels. Try to sell them on EBAY, you could easily make $50.00 – $100.00 of your money back.

Remove OEM rubber side mats. DO NOT remove OEM bottom unless it is damaged, however, do be sure the OEM bottom mat is securely glued everywhere. Order JETTRIM under mat if needed.

2. Using a new size 3/16″ drill, carefully remove both corner bumpers and the rear bumper that holds the bottom mat down. Remove OEM mat under plastic bumper so new mat can fit better. Less bulk under the bumper makes a cleaner install. Remove rear bow eye bushing.

3. Use same drill and carefully remove rivets holding the OEM rubber side gunnel pads and remove two phillips screws under each side mat. Remove OEM glue/foam off hull with race gas or thinner for a clean installation. Try not to damage OEM side gunnels when removing. Save them.

4. Carefully remove all the old rivets from everything, push old rivets into the holes on the hull gunnels then seal with duct tape or silicone to prevent any leakage.

5. Carefully install conversion sides with supplied rivets. We recommend using clear silicone to seal the outside edge to help secure it better. Apply bead along rubber seal under cap before installing. You want to prevent water from entering under rail cap. At high speeds water can enter and rip cap off. Improper installation can result in failure. JETTRIM does not warranty rails in this case. We also countersink 2 rivets under the mat on top of the rails (optional). This holds down top edge even better. Re-install corner bumpers.