Jettrim is now accepting resumes for the 2022 season. Previously sponsored riders must also contact us to maintain sponsorship.

We are looking for dedicated athletes who love our product and are able to represent our brand on and off the track.

To help us best evaluate our potential sponsorship investment with your season. Please provide as much of the following as you can:


Tell us about yourself:

Watersports, Offroad, ETC.

What are your past accomplishments, and most importantly what are your goals for 2020?

(This is most important, please list all events and opportunities)

Social Media/ Web / Self Promotion

A positive outreach promoting yourself as an athlete and us as a potential sponsor on social media and other publications is very important to us.

Business accounts are not accepted

Sponsorship is a two way street, the more you are able to offer us, the better we will be able to do for you in return for your season’s efforts.